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Did James Brausch just screw his customers?

Mr. Brausch just offered his blog readers an awesome deal: just buy 5 copies of his Life Management CD for a measly $60, and get a subscription to his $300/year newsletter for FREE! Great deal, but how are us boobs who forked out the regular price of $300 feeling right now? I for one am […]

Change is a comin’…….

Things are going to change around here. The title of this blog is going to be changed to more accurately reflect what the true purpose of this blog is: to chronicle my attempts to stop being a “wage slave”, as James Brausch puts it. I’ve been taking action, and I think its a good idea […]

PayPal-Kunaki Script

In his blog today, James Brausch describes a new script he’s authored: a PayPal-Kunaki interface that has two great strengths: it allows a customer to purchase a physical product from Kunaki by just filling out a normal PayPal screen, and integrates with JB’s MuVar script. If there is enough interest, JB will make that script […]

Terry Dean’s Giveaway

I have a chance to win Jay Abraham’s Mastermind Marketing Audio Series consisting of 35 audio CDs and tapes which Terry Dean originally paid $2,000 for. Mr Dean prefers books when it comes to learning, and therefore is willing to part with the audio part of this package. That’s great for me, since my daily […]

James Brausch is giving away a CD

In his blog today, JB is giving away a comedy CD. He mentions in the post that of late he’s been studying the promotion of entertainers like comedians. That surprises me a bit, since it seems obvious to me that he has been doing that in the past. By running a site called he […]

Apparently my posts here are so objectionable, that now James Brausch won’t even post my trackbacks, for fear of polluting his blog. I’m guessing then that the first post, the one that served as the entry to his contest, was merely allowed so as to serve as a negative example. Okay, that’s cool. There could […]

Yet Another Failure!

Yup, it figures. I did not win a cruise with James Brausch. My cunning attempt to portray myself as a perfect Pygmalion 98%’er for his Henry Higgins 2% machinations went down in flames. But at least it was a spectacular disaster, not unlike that ski jumper featured in the opening of that great old TV […]

My Failure: A Clarification

I thought maybe I should expand on the previous post, which once again I’m doing to fulfill James Brausch’s contest rules for sponsorship on a cruise. I think its worth mentioning that while I have certainly failed thru inaction(seeing that I’m pretty lazy), I’ve also managed to fail when taking action too. Even while being […]

I Want To Go On The Cruise!

Ok, I built this blog specifically to fulfill James Brausch’s directions to get sponsored on a cruise he’s taking in the middle of March. Why should he sponsor me? I’m not sure really. I don’t know what he’s looking for in a candidate. I suppose he’s looking for a potential “2%’er”, as James puts it. […]