Apparently my posts here are so objectionable, that now James Brausch won’t even post my trackbacks, for fear of polluting his blog. I’m guessing then that the first post, the one that served as the entry to his contest, was merely allowed so as to serve as a negative example. Okay, that’s cool. There could be only one winner.

But it is just a tad disingenuous to make a plea like this one for more entries – having at that point received only one – implying that his audience was full of cowardly 98%’ers unwilling to take a jump into the water, and then in the end select as the winner the very guy who responded first and looks most like the 2%’er JB already is.

You browbeat the 98%’ers with a stick, dangle that carrot out there, and in the end give out the prize to the guy who already had the gold star on his forehead – the guy who made the original entry. Who also looks most unlike the vast majority of us 98%’ers. I just hope that next time something in this vein is offered, it isn’t implied any of us wannabe 2%’ers actually has a shot at winning the prize.


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